"Introducing cutting-edge Anti-fog technology for a fog-free world."

Pioneering Innovation with Chemistry

About Anti-Fog

Anti-fog can be applied to any relatively flat glass surface to prevent fogging due to differences in humidity and air temperature.

About Us

Anti-Fog Systems, LLC, is the official North American installation and distribution partner of a patented Anti-fog product. For over 10 years, Anti-fog Systems, LLC has been selling and installing technologically advanced products for many diverse residential and commercial applications.

Refrigeration Application

Introducing our new Anti-Fog Film. This patented, new technology completely eliminates the need for Anti-Sweat Heaters!

Refrigerated Display Cases

Ever since the days of the first reach in display case, visibility has been an issue. The shopper opens the door, pulls out a product, decides she doesn’t like the ingredients, puts it back, closes the door and— wait! Now the door has fogged and she can no longer see the product.